"No problem, fun!" - Griffin McElroy's regularly used sign-off for CoolGames Inc

CoolGames Inc is a weekly comedy podcast presented by Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson and produced by Polygon. Each week, Griffin and Nick discuss various game ideas submitted by the audience, before settling upon one particular idea (or "dank nug") to flesh out further. Guests occasionally appear on the show, to whom the chosen game idea will be pitched for additional feedback. The podcast started on 27th January, 2016 and new episodes are uploaded on Fridays (occasionally on Saturdays). Most episodes typically last between 55 to 65 minutes, aside from the occasional CoolGames Inc Junior minisodes, which last between 20 to 30 minutes.

Submissions were initially taken via their Twitter but due to a rapidly increasing number of submissions, they have since switched to utilizing the official CGI Subreddit, where there is a weekly thread for listeners to post suggestions.

The theme song which plays at the start and end of nearly every episode is 'Social Science' by Maxo.

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