The CoolGames Inc. wikia needs your help! Check this list for possible things you can help out with.

  • Any currently incomplete pages need to completed. A page template can be found here.
    • Each episode page should have the following sections:
      • A completed infobox
      • The official description at the top (in italics)
      • Introduction (a short summary of the opening discussion)
      • This Week's Game (describe the episode's "nug" in detail - if it drastically changes halfway-through, describe both how it originally started out and the final product)
      • Other Game Ideas Discussed (one to three sentences summarizing each idea, or whatever Nick and Griffin end up talking about if not discussed)
      • Trivia (if applicable - can include facts about the episode itself or anecdotes which don't fit into the other sections)
      • Categories (always include Episodes and one of either Episodes with Guests or Episodes without Guests; shorter CGI Jr episodes should be tagged with Minisodes) It should be noted that individual game categories such as genres no longer apply to the pages themselves, but to redirect pages for each game.
    • Each individual game idea should have the following
      • A properly headed description on the episode page
      • A redirect page that links the title of the game to that header
      • Genre categories on the redirect page.
  • Any Suggestions on how to improve the wikia, such as including certain bits of information, would be appreciated! Drop either Bee or Mark a line on their user pages.
  • Redesign the front page and navigation to make the wiki easier to browse.

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