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This week, Nick and Griffin explore Nintendo characters who know how to party, take a submission from Griffin's brother Travis, trudge into uncomfortable territory with Dad or Alive Extreme, and Nick gets a visit from a very special plumber (NOT MARIO).


Nick announces the episode as a special-all SpongeBob SquarePants episode of CoolGames Inc with a remix of one of the show's songs, and then proceeds to incorrectly give Sandy Cheeks' name as Shandy Seashells The Squirrel. Griffin presents the concept of doing the episode up like a box of Nerds, where one audio channel is all SpongeBob and the other is all Minions, thus achieving double plays on the podcast.

In the sales report, it's revealed that Hugh Jackman's Huge Actin' was more about the art, creating a new generation of theatre goers and doers, as well as providing a nice boost to Hugh Jackman's career. They also lost all of their money.

This Episode's Game

Originally pitched as "Twitch Plays RPG Maker".

Other Game Ideas Discussed

Mario Party, but they actually party

submitted by Gavin Farmer


  • This is the first episode of CoolGames Inc which does not have a guest.
  • The title of the episode's game is never actually spoken in the episode, though it can be presumed this is due to it being a random jumble of letters.
  • The full version of the SpongeBob SquarePants remix which Nick plays at the start of the episode can be listened to here.
  • Nick has an Amazon Dash button set up in his bathroom to order toilet paper. During the recording of this episode, this button was accidentally pressed by Nick's plumber, thus ordering $10.86 worth of Charmin.

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