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Soundcloud/Art19 description:
It's E3 time, which means we're once again, despite our better judgment, getting in a hot tub with some friends and some alcohol and recording a wet and wild hot tub episode, featuring just about every friend we could get our hands on. (For the video version of this episode, head to!)

YouTube description:
For the second annual PoolGames Inc, Griffin and Nick bring on a cavalcade of guest stars — and by "guest stars," we mean "other Polygon employees who were down to get drunk in a hot tub."


Game Ideas Discussed


  • With five different guests, this episode has the largest number of guest appearances to date.
  • Griffin is wearing a T-shirt which reads "No Problem Fun", his sign-off for nearly every episode of CoolGames Inc.
  • Nick is, once again, wearing socks in a hot tub.
  • Justin is wearing a T-shirt for "Til Death Do Us Blart", a yearly podcast where he, Griffin, Justin McElroy, Tim Batt, and Guy Montgomery review the film Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.